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In Wrapstyle Singapore, we are proudly to be in conjunction with Cosmics Products to cure your car paint conditions, looking good as new inside and out. Trust our man when they put their head and hearts to work. We are proud to offer a wide range of detailing services that are individually tailored to suits your vehicle. These include professional detailing, paint enhancement & correction, premium grade waxes, maintenance detail packages and much more.



Paint Treatment

Paint Correction is the process of removing ‘below-surface’ defects from a vehicle’s paintwork.
These defects can appear in the form of swirl marks, scratches, holograms, sanding marks, etching, water spot, oxidation and more.



Enhance Treatment

This is our unique expertise and most popular option as it includes a single-stage machine polish.
This offers a first level removal of surface defects (minor swirls/holograms), leaving sharper reflections, added gloss and depth to the vehicle’s final finish, using the safest tools and techniques

Paint Correction

This detail includes a paint correction treatment via an extensive machine polishing stage – swirls, holograms, light scratch, and oxidation are removed.
It is achieved by selecting a pad and product combination to suit the vehicle and its paint, which offers a level of correction whilst also offering a level of refinement at the same time ensuring a fresh defect free finish. This is where you start to see the benefits of a professional detail.

Paint Restoration

This detail is a full multi stage paint correction and is a lot slower process as every defect that can be safely removed is so.
Leaves your car with a flawless protected finish.
Once corrected to the highest level the paintwork is then burnished to add a level of gloss and depth that is second to none.
The results of this process can be breath taking and in many cases leaving the finish better than brand new vehicles in the showroom.
Once the machine polishing stages are complete the newly finished paint will be treated to an application of last stage protection i.e. Swissvax wax, Hydrobead Nano sealant or Cosmics glass coating.
The protection will be discussed with you prior to the detail to ensure the product selected best suits your needs and the vehicle.





Paint and Surface Protection

The final step is protecting the paint finish from harsh weather elements, fallout contamination, harmful UV Sun rays as well as help prevent and reduce future scratching.
We wanted to offer a finish that could last longer, look like a deep pool of wet paint, have a warmth, shimmer and color enhancement that looks almost surreal when applied and offers at least 6 to 36 month durability in any climate.
Pictures do no justice and words cannot describe what this looks like in person. Schedule a time for us to do a section of your car – you can see how incredible your paint can look!

Cosmics Advanced Glass Coating

A revolutionary quartz glass coating products with a high clarity and transparency crystalline film .
Existing paint protection products simply cannot compete with the outstanding performance and durability of Cosmics glass coating.
It is a complex formula, hardened glass layer which bonds and cross link to the paint surface to provide a protective hard coating layer.

Properties of Cosmics Quartz Glass Coating

This thin crystalline glass layer increase surface thickness and gardness and able to exhibit self cleaning properties and improve hydrophobicity.
Dirt is easily washed off ensuring that treated car stay looking cleaner and glossy for a longer period of time.
It preserve and enhance the newly coated coated surface a level of richer, glossier and glassy look.
With Cosmics Paint Protection, your car is encased in a shield of extremely durable hard glass layer which resistance to Corrosion, Oxidation, Deterioration, Harsh weather elements, Fallout contamination and UV Ray as well as help prevent and reduce scratches.





HydroBead – Glass Coating Maintenance

It quick dry formula with hydrophobic characteristics combines superior long lasting gloss and maximum durability offer surface protection against UV ray, road tar and acid rain.
HydroBead is design for Cosmics Glass Coating maintenance.

Why do we need maintenance for car coating?
While the glass coating will remain on the painted surface and offer protection to the paint. Other impurities and contaminations like bird droppings, insects, tree sap, industrial pollutions, detergent residue and etc will collect on top of the coating surface.
In those instances, your speed in removing this contamination and keeping the painted surface dry and clean will determine the extent of the damage done to your paint.
Regular maintenance can help you keep your car in excellent condition, we will remove all the impurities including watermarks, swirls and scratches to return the finish to its original gloss.

Cosmics Hybrid Nano Coating

Cosmics X3 Nano Hybrid Coating is designed for simple yet effective spray application.
Cosmics X3 Nano Hybrid Coating provides complete paint protection solutions for your car whilst minimizing the maintenance of your vehicle and maximizing the value with enjoyment of owing the vehicle.
With vehicle ownership becoming an investment in both ride and image, It makes perfect sense to bring out the shine.
With Cosmics Nano Hybrid Coating, your car is encased in a shield of durable nano layer which increase gloss level with excellent water repellent and smooth to touch.
Resistance to: Oxidation, Harsh weather elements, Fallout Contamination and UV Rays.



$150/- per pack, Diy can use up to 4 times depend on size of car.


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