New possibilities in automotive styling

Change your car into new classy original with WrapStyle Thailand!

WrapStyle Special Projects


In cooperation with Carlex design, we bring you new possibilities in automotive styling. The projects we make are built on solid foundations of our extensive experience, passion and inspiration that we have acquired during the past ten years in business. They have lead us to fully concentrate on complete wraps of which we have completed countless business transactions and are the leading specialists on our field.

Any project provides a unique insight to what is possible in the future of the automotive industry, of which our team are the leading specialists in this innovation. Our aim is to custom design to every specific need that our customers would desire. We have an extensive range of services to challenge the automotive industry.

It is so much more than a change of colour. We can – and actually very often do – perform trimming of both the whole interior, upholstery and complete exterior styling including the smallest details.

We want you to be insured that our brand is synonymous with satisfaction. So as a client you really value the fact that you have chosen us and we can assure you, that to achieve these goals, we offer only the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship possible.
Car styling is not just a craft – it is a combination of car engineering enthusiasm and a passion for beauty, art and esthetics. Our customers are the key element helping us to bring this dream to reality. We provide you with the service you deserve. And it just feels so good.

WrapStyle & Carlex Design


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